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ART 300 - Fundamentals of Collaboration in Electronic Arts  
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Final Project - Group Evaluation Guidelines

As a group, please evaluate your project from the following aspects.

1. What was the goal/intention of this project?
2. Do you think the group achieved that goal? Why/why not? What would you do differently?

1. Did the project plan well? Do you think the group should spend more/less time on planning?
2. Did the team follow the project plan well?
3. Which phrase of your project could use more/less time? Why?

1. What technical aspect of the project you think was most successful? Why? What needs to be improved?
2. Did you encounter any technical difficulties while working on this project? How did you overcome them?

1. What was each team member's role and responsibilities?
2. Overall did you feel the team work well together? Why/why not?
3. Was the workload shared appropriately among team members?
4. Did everyone in the team communicate often to each other own's concern and progress?
5. Was there any disagreement during the production? How did it get resolved?
6. Did everyone attend most (or all) of the team meetings? Did everyone actively participate at each team meeting?
7. How do you feel about the level of productivity of your team? What things could your team do to make it more effective?

Any extra comments you may have.

Team Members Evaluation Guidelines

Each team member should complete this separately after today's class. Email it to the instructor by this Friday (05/07/10), failure to do so will result in a lowered grade by one-half letter.

Approximate number of hours YOU (not the whole team) worked on this project: __________

If desired, add further comments (positive or negative) for each team member: