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ART 300 - Fundamentals of Collaboration in Electronic Arts  
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Following is a tentative schedule of classes. Topics and due are subject to change, although you will be noticed in advance if this happens.

January 12, Tuesday
Introduction to class; introduce course site; demonstrate lab operation and hard drive assignments; show student works from previous class; complete questionnaire.

Introduce Assignment 1

January 14, Thursday
Assignment 1 presentations

January 19, Tuesday
Assignment 1 presentations

January 21, Thursday
Brainstorming Model
Brainstorming Guidelines

In-Class Exercise

Introduce Assignment 2

January 26, Tuesday
Work day
Assignment 2 brainstorming notes, group report presentation, script/intent

Introduce Presentation on Organizing Genius: The Secrets of Creative Collaboration

January 28, Thursday
Work day
Assignment 2 project plan due, storyboard/reference audio due for class presentation

February 2, Tuesday
Work day

February 4, Thursday
Work day

February 9, Tuesday
Assignment 2 progress review 1
Quiz on "The End of the Great Man"

February 11, Thursday
Work day

February 16, Tuesday
Work day

February 18, Thursday
Assignment 2 due

Assignment 2 review due

February 23, Tuesday
Introduce Assignment 3

Presentation 1

Introduce class paper

February 25, Thursday
Work day

March 2, Tuesday
Work day

March 4, Thursday
Assignment 3 progress review 1

Presentation 2

March 8 - March 12 - no class (Spring Break)

March 16, Tuesday
Work day

March 18, Thursday
Assignment 3 progress review 2

March 23, Tuesday
Work day

March 25, Thursday
Work day

March 30, Tuesday
Assignment 3 due

Assignment 3 review due

April 1, Thursday - no class (Spring Holiday)

April 6, Tuesday
Introduce Assignment 4

April 8, Thursday
Work day

April 13, Tuesday
Work day

April 15, Thursday
Assignment 4 progress review 1

Presentation 3

April 20, Tuesday
Work day
Class paper due.

April 22, Thursday
Work day

April 27, Tuesday
Assignment 4 progress review 2
Presentation 4

April 29, Thursday
Work day

May 4, Tuesday
Work day

May 6, Thursday
Assignment 4 critiques.

Assignment 4 review due

Introduce Quiz on "Take-Home Lessons"

Introduce the take-home final exam.

All REDONE Assignments DUE by 5:00pm for grading!!!

May 8, Saturday
Final scheduled:
10:15 to 12:15 p.m

Quiz due.
Final exam due.