February 1 is the deadline for Fall semester, October 1 the deadline for Spring semester, first-consideration admissions and graduate assistantship awards; application materials should be submitted as listed below.

Missouri State University Graduate College Admissions

Submit documents and transcripts to the university’s Graduate College that pertain to general admission standards. NOTE: the GRE is not required for MFA in Visual Studies applicants.

University Graduate College application process can be found here.

Art + Design Department

Submit the following discipline-specific materials to the address listed below:
⋅ portfolio documentation in digital format (up to 20 images or time-based works);
⋅ 300 to 800-word statement (see below for more details);
⋅ at least three letters of recommendation;
⋅ completed Graduate Assistantship Application if you’d like to be considered for this award.

These materials can be sent electronically through email or through postal mail to:

Sarah Williams,
Assistant Professor Professor & Graduate Coordinator
Art & Design Department
Missouri State University
901 S. National Avenue
Springfield, Missouri  65897
phone | 417-836-5785
email |


The departmental admissions committee reviews the portfolio and statement together to determine potential for: focused and significant body of work; professional competence / depth of knowledge within field(s) of study; understanding within field(s) of study and ability to think independently; ability to integrate and synthesize information; awareness of current issues and developments influencing the field(s) of study.

The statement describing the direction of intended research should include:
⋅ the goal of your intended research/what you hope to achieve;
⋅ how you plan on achieving that goal, including but not limited to: what media/discipline(s) do you plan on incorporating;
⋅ discuss how work included within the portfolio represents your ability to achieve your stated goal.

The portfolio should provide evidence that you have the background skills and ability to support the research goals indicated by the statement.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Art & Design Department, Graduate Studies Coordinator at the email or phone number listed above.