Feeling Digital

Interactive digital animation | 233 x 233 cm, 2-3 min
Feeling Digital (installation view 1)
Feeling Digital (installation view 2)
Feeling Digital (render view)
Nick Seyer

Nick Seyer

How people use technology depends on their conception of what is possible with it. I want to bring imaginative and fantastical experiences to people who haven't had the chance to explore the digital capabilities already available to us. I’ve created a seamless plug-and-play experience, to entice people into playing in the digital space regardless of their previous experiences. The only requirement to activate it is making hand gestures above a podium. By setting up an installation that introduces people to a novel way of interacting with technology, people will pay specific attention to the method of interaction. With this exhibit, I hope to create a new wave of conversations about the interesting ways we can translate people into the digital space. There are so many ways to communicate with technology, I’m sure there are alternate applications of existing technology that could be conveniently re-purposed for fun.  

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