Digital animation | 3:00 MP4 1920 x 1080 pixels
Christian Summers

Christian Summers

Hide is an intense story about a man doing his best to hide and run away from a fearsome looking monster. At first looks like he’s running for his life but ends up they were playing hide and seek tag with his monster friend. Using the atmosphere and the characters design, I wanted the audience to feel the tension of the situation then the sigh of relief after the comedic twist. To achieve this tension, I used dark ambient light and sounds and kept the monster in the shadows for most of the short till the big reveal. This is also a way to exercise my character creation skills to better create better original monsters and characters. 

Brink is a story about two sisters living in their grandfathers' cabin when an outbreak happens while he is out. He shows up later but is unknowingly infected and transforms into a zombie when one of the sisters leaves to get medical supplies. It turns into a life and death struggle as the two sisters now must kill their own grandfather. This piece displays my skills as an animator and as an environmental artist with extensive use of custom texture use and creation.   

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