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Assignment 3 - Visual Music

Due Dates:

Storyboard//Reference audio
--TBD by each group;
-- In class presentation

-- TBD by each group;
-- Email to the instructor

Project plan
-- TBD by each group;
-- Email to the instructor

*Project progress review 1
-- Thursday, March 4, 2010
-- In class presentation

*Project progress review 2
-- Thursday, March 18, 2010
-- In class presentation

Project presentation
-- Tuesday, March 30, 2010
-- In class presentation

Group assignment review
-- Tuesday, March 30, 2010
-- Email to the instructor


To examine and demonstrate an understanding of the combination of sound and vision within the visual music genre through research, planning and delivery of a practical production that is linked to a specific audio track that is created by group member(s).

To explore the possibilities and limitations of working with music, sound and vision within the production process.

To employ creative, analytical & reflective skills within the collaborative process required for short production projects.


Visual Music is the fusion of video/animation and music to form a complete piece that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

Working in groups, create an audio track, direct, shoot, and edit/composite a visual music piece of at least 1 minute long, in which image and sound take precedence over narrative.

Music can be from any category: classical, pop, rock, hip-hop, country, folk, jazz, alternative, techno, rap – or any other kind you can think of. Also the use of experimental and/or creative audio elements is strongly encouraged.

Discuss your audio/music as thoroughly as you can, using your knowledge of musical elements (rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, timbre, form). What makes this kind of audio/music sound the way it does (i.e. why is it different from another kind of audio/music?) Finally, how inventive is your piece? Is it fresh and innovative, or is it simply a repackaging of the clichés of popular music?

Brainstorm ideas for visual images that might be included in the video based on the audio track. You are encouraged to experiment with the principles of fragmentation, stylistic pastiche, rapid montage, and self-reflexivity. Though you will not be telling a strictly linear story, the visual ought to form a larger mosaic of meaning.

The central purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about the rhetorical interplay of sound and images. By its very nature the production of the imagery in visual music tends to pull away from traditional forms of visual narrative. It also requires a grasp of the expanding areas of postproduction techniques.

Class members will form four groups as following:

Group I: Garret, Jason, Cameron, Chase;

Group II: Louie, Greyson, Eric, David Bae;

Group III: Max, Stephen, Catherine, Sam;

Group IV: Kenny, Daniel, David Fiser, Alex.

Each group should select a group leader before the end of today's class. Please inform the instructor once your group decided on the leader.

Throughout this assignment, not only will you work individually, but you will work together with group members by brainstorming, refining ideas, and assessing project progress.

Group leader:
-- has the option of choosing a co-leader within the group;
-- takes charge of the progress of project;
-- reports the project progress to the instructor every class day through email;
-- keeps communication flow within the group;
-- helps resolving conflicts if there are any;
-- makes final decision when disagreements appears with the help of the person(s) from that area.

Group members should:
-- actively participate all project activities;
-- communicate own work status to the group;
-- communicate any conflict with other member to the group leader / instructor;
-- complete assigned task on time.

Required documentation MUST be turned in on time or the project will not be counted as completed!

Storyboard/Reference audio :
-- Storybord on cardboard.
-- In class presentation.

-- Theme;
-- Storyline of your project;
-- A description of the style(audio and visual) of your project.
-- Microsoft Word format, email to the instructor: RebeccaXu@MissouriState.edu.

Project plan:
-- List of tasks, due dates, member(s) assigned
-- Equipment/software plan to use
-- Microsoft Word format, email to the instructor: RebeccaXu@MissouriState.edu.

Project progress reviews:
-- Bring what the group have to class

-- QuickTime movies with credits, 720x480, on data DVD/CD;

Group assignment review
-- Identify your rhetorical goals and analyze your aesthetic & technical choices;
-- Evaluate the successfulness of your project;
-- Analyze what worked well or needs to be improved from each member's own view;
-- Evaluate the effectiveness of group collaboration

See Review Guidelines for more information.

Your assignment will be graded according to the following:
-- Project Concept;
-- Project Execution;
-- Your contribution to the project based on the evaluation from your teammates.
The AVERAGE evaluation score from OTHER team members will affect your final assignment grade. For each positive number you receive, your grade will be raised by one-half letter. For each negative number you receive, your grade will be reduced by one-half letter.